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Pulling an Elephant (Zohiki)
The Kabuki Eighteen
Pulling an Elephant (Zohiki)

The strongman Yamanoue Gennaizaemon engages in a tug-of-war with a huge elephant controlled by the villainous Soga no Iruka. Using his magical powers Gennaizaemon manages to tame the elephant.

There have been several twentieth century revivals, including the 1913 version written by Hiragi Hakusei to be performed by Ichikawa Sadanji II, and a 1933 version written for Ichikawa Sansho by Yamazaki Shiko and based upon prints of the original performance. The piece was revived again in 1958 by the Zenshin-za troupe, and more recently in 1982 by Onoe Shoroku II.

Premiere : First month, 1701.
Original title : The Courtesan Wang Zhaojun (Keisei Oshokun)
Actor : Danjuro I
Theatre : Nakamura-za, Edo
Text : Hattori Yukio, Ichikawa Danjuro Daidai. Tokyo: Kodansha, 2002.
Prints : Collection of the National Diet Library
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