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Danjuro III

The Danjuro lost before his time (1721-42)

Danjuro III
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1721 Born as the child of Mimasuya Sukejuro, the senior pupil of Danjuro I.

1725 Adopted by Danjuro II at the age of five.

1727 Makes his first stage appearance at the Nakamura-za, aged seven, under the name Ichikawa Masugoro.

1735 Takes the name Ichikawa Danjuro III at the Ichimura-za, aged fifteen.

1741 Accompanies his adoptive father Ebizo II to Osaka, but falls ill and returns to Edo.

1742 Dies on the 27th day of the second month, aged twenty-two.

His adoptive father Ebizo II composed a poem by way of tribute: Plum blossoms scattered / A grasshopper nurtured / For but three years

Great hopes had been placed on Danjuro III as the successor to the familyís art, but his premature death at just twenty-two meant that he never fulfilled his potential as an actor. This sudden and unexpected death left a period of over ten years in which there was no actor bearing the name Ichikawa Danjuro.

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Text : Hattori Yukio, Ichikawa Danjuro Daidai. Tokyo: Kodansha, 2002.
Illustrations : Collection of the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University.
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